Winter fairy tale


Exams are over, and that’s great, because now I can go back to my daily routine, homeworks, makeup, blog, and finally I will have time that I  can spend as I want, as in most cases, laying down , scrolling , and obsessive monitoring people on snapchat. By the way, add me on snapchat: elzavanderwoodsen.

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Exam 2 of 6 : Blue coat


First of all, I want to  say something about my wonderful photographer, Selma Ahmetovic. Her work can be viewed at this link. She have a different style of photography, and has such a soft and warm images, just as she herself, as you go back to another time.

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Exam 1 of 6: Curly hair and burgundy dress


Hi. Exams have started. For some people it is a lot of aggravation, worry and stress (and for me sometimes), but otherwise for me it’s an opportunity for me to have more time to make up and carefully choose what to wear. When I do my makeup my self-confidence is growing. When my makeup is on point,  I believe that I am ready for exam. It relaxes me. Although it requires getting up early, I look forward to each new “exam outfit and makeup”. Today I wore my burgundy dress, which I also wore for my birthday. Since these days in Sarajevo pretty cold, I wore a sweater over from the Mango, and a coat that I bought in Azel France last year.

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Just another autumn post : Outfit&Makeup


Stop for a moment and look at all the leaves around us. It looks so beautiful, right? In last post I was looking leaves, and now it has found me, nearly to my college. I could not imagine that such a beautiful and happy place may be so close to the sad and terrible institution like my college.

Usually I only write about what I wore, but the truth is that I really like make-up, although I’m not really an expert in photographing my makeup.  I have some weird kind of wrinkles, so my photos do not look so got. Maybe one day I will learn how to avoid it.

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Cosy Sunday outfit/makeup


This post is totally unplanned. Simply, I thought, it’s time to shooting, to show simple, Sunday outfit. I went with my mom to the mall, and when we came home, my sister took some photos of me. I wore a simple sweater from Coton and Bershka pants. Autumn is beautiful in my neighborhood, so I decided to picture it. Always looking for some interest locations for new blog post. Until now it was the Velika Aleja in Ilidza, and now I think I’m going to have some more shootings in front of my building. I tried to have a little bit differently makeup than usual. I saw it on Instagram, and Tumblr girls with ombre lips, so I tried to recreate that. I liked it, and you will see the picture and tell me do you like it.

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Cold Autumn: Outfit


It’s too cold in Sarajevo. Mercury in thermometer in the morning and evening dangerously close to zero, and more and more I reach for coats and jackets. It is always too cold for me. My university, until recently was not heated, so that the main concern of mine is to wear something warm enough. Today was the first time this fall/winter to wear this white scarf. It’s a beautiful, warm and soft.

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Black is such a happy color, darling


Today, the sun finally showed its face. After nearly a week, with the cold and thick coats, again I can wear a skirt and shirt, and go out without a thick jackets. Today was a wonderful time, and I used it for a walk with my boyfriend ❤

Today I wore makeup after a long time. I do not wear anything bordeaux, although bordeaux  is “it color” this fall. I use mainly Essence make-up, and what I like the most is XXXL longlasting lipsgloss in 06 shades of soft nude.

Enjoy the pictures

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October is pink | Pink tag

On the blog Lipstick Attack I read a post dedicated to raising awareness about the fight against breast cancer. October is usually a month of struggle against breast cancer, with a little cute pink ribbon, which remind all of us that self examination need to be done at least once a month, and schedule a visit to the gynecologist, and warn all women important to you that they do the same.

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Nail transformation and matte nails obsession


When I first started going to school, I’ve gained an awful habit of bitting my nails. I don’t know the real reason behind it, but I do know my nails got weaker and easily breakable. In high school I did my best to get rid of the habit, and I was somewhat successful. Unfortunatley I did more damage to my nails than I thought. Then in college, my friend recommended Eveline nail polish to me, and I had to try them because her nails were really beautiful. I bought Eveline SOS nail polish and followed the instructions. Even though I bought the nail polish in February I saw the results in June, due to my carelessness and forgetfulness. I put the nail polish on every day, layer by layer, untill it was perfectly thick.It was the perfect protective coating. Currently I use many different nail polishes (depending on my outfit), but I still try to use the protective one, because my nails are still not that strong. What I can say for sure is that they are very different from how they were in February.

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