Aura Absolute Matte


In this time when matte is the new black, and matte lipstick is a must have, Aura lipsticks have won plenty of hearts. Continue reading


BabyLips collection


When I was second or third grade of high school, I watched MacBarbie, and I tought how wonderful her makeup and dresses are and how she is cute and sweet. And number of her followers was saying that I am not the only one that think like that. I do not watch her videos any more, but I remembered one thing, and that is Baby Lips. They have been so cute to me, and I wanted to have them.

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Makeup favorites


1. Max Factor Lasting Performance Long Lasting Makeup 

I haven’t used Max Factor’s make-up before , because I have always used Essence cosmetics foundations, specially Essence Soft Touch Mousse Foundation , because it is light on skin and has enough coverage . I chose this foundation with the help of Max Factor staff , because I had never used MF makeup before. I want to try some more of MF makeup, but that is going to take a little bit longer.  Continue reading

Exams : Outfits


Three times I started to write this post and I did’t know how to start, what to write, what to say. Exams are almost finished, and I feel better cause I have more time for myself. Finally I do not have to think all day about what I have to learn, which homework to finish, about the deadlines, or whatever.

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Lugano, Lokarno trip


The first day of 2016 year, I visited two wonderful places in Switzerland: Lugano and Locarno. The weather was beautiful, sunny, and I hope that 2016 is going to be just like that. Lugano is a small town in Switzerland, which lies on the lake Lugano and it is amazing place. As always, photographed by my sister who is great beginer photographer! This combination is probably familiar to all of you, because I wear this skirt whenever I can, because it’s universal, and I love it. Exams are about to start, and all I can say is that I’m gonna need some luck to pass it. I hope you’ll like my pictures. Continue reading

Milano : New Year Eve


At 00:00 I was in my hotel room because mom, sis and me were too tired to go downtown for the celebration. We went out at 8, sightseeing, walking around the city, taking a lot of pictures and went to the hotel at about 11. For me, it was more exciting than partying all night.

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2015 : make up and beauty review



2015 is about to end. It sounds so weird, and yet we count down last days of December.

I will be in Milan for a New Year Eve. Yeah, and I’m very happy about it, I can not wait to go and see it all,  and I think it will be an amazing experience. There will be many pictures on my Instagram, which is at the bottom of the page.

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Bold lips and bold brows


Makeup is my passion. This sentence describes me, and my relationship with makeup. I do not wear makeup because I think that something on my face need to hide or changed. Very often I leave the house without makeup, and I have no problem with that. I love the change that makeup provides. I look more serious than it actually am, the elderly, or sometimes even younger.

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